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Movement/Parking plan for Hockey World Cup-2018

1. The Parking Places

The following places have been identified as designated parking places for the Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup-2018. The Parking will be on payment basis and will be charged Rs50/-for a four wheeler and Rs25/-for a two wheeler. However the parking at Janata Maidan will be free. The tabular representation of parking outside the stadium is as below. Behera Sahi ground near Gate No.1 for two wheelers.

Sl No Name of the parking place Type of vehicles
1 Old AG Colony ground near Sastri Nagar 4 Wheeler
2 Old AG Colony ground near Sastri Nagar(adjacent to 4 wheeler parking ground) 2 Wheeler
3 Behera Sahi ground near Gate No.1 2Wheeler
4 Nayapalli Ravana Podi Ground 2 Wheeler
5 Nayapalli Durga Puja Ground 4 Wheeler
6 IDCOL Ground near Hotel Crown 4 Wheeler
7 Nicco Park Road Mixed
8 Janata Maidan Mixed
2. Mobility Plan
  • The vehicles coming from Khandagiri side to avail the service road from Baramunda upto Nayapalli and park their 4 wheelers at Nayapalli Durga Puja ground/IDCOL ground or 2 wheelers at Ravanpodi ground by taking a right turn on NH and enter inside the stadium by walking through Jaydev Vihar crossing
  • The vehicles coming from Nandan Kanan side can park their vehicles at Janata Maidan through the side lane of Hotel Sandy Tower and avail the ferry system to come to the stadium. SCL is introducing Mo-Bus service for commuters carrying from Kalinga Stadium and City Festival at Exhibition ground, Unit-3, Bhubaneswar.
  • The vehicle coming from Cuttack side shall avail the service road from Satsang Vihar front up to Acharya Vihar. Take a right turn from Achrya Vihar, proceed towards Janata Maidan via Saineek School and Kalinga Hospital Square and park their vehicle at Janta Maidan. They avail the ferry system to come to the stadium.
  • The vehicles coming from Governor Hose side and Sachivalaya Marg to park their vehicles a old AG Colony ground or 2 wheelers at Behera Sahi ground and proceed to the stadium walking.
  • The Vehicles having car passes shall be parked inside the stadium at their earmarked parking places.
3. Diversion plan
  • The road shall be sealed from Behera Sahi crossing towards Jaydev vihar. The check points shall be set p at Nicco park crossing and Sastri Nagar Crossing. All the vehicular traffic and Vidyut Marg be diverted on to Sachivalaya Marg via Patel Marg except Mo-buses, Vehicles of the players and match officials and emergency vehicles. The local residents shall be allowed to proceed up to Behera Sahi square.
  • The vehicular traffic coming from Nandan Kanan side shall be diverted from Kalinga Hospital square to Acharya Vihar on the service road of NH-16. Mo buses carrying the passenger, buses of the players and match officials and emergency vehicle will be allowed to pay on the road from Jayadev Vihar to Behera Sahi and vice versa
  • The vehicular traffic coming from Acharya Vihar side to Jayadv Vihar shall be diverted to NH-16 at the bridge end of Acharya Vihar except the vehicle of players/match officials and the emergency vehicles.
  • The residence of New AG colony and nearby areas shall allow to go from Nicco Park square to their residences. Similarly if any ticket/pass holder comes via Nicco park squire and produces the ticket/pass shall be allowed to proceed towards Behera Sahi crossing.
  1. The vehicles having passes like VIPS/VVIPS/Media and match officials, utility vehicles etc. shall allowed inside the stadium to park their vehicles in their respective places. Vehicle passes must be displayed prominently on the front glasses of the vehicles.
  2. Passes without valid Reg. No. will not be entertained.
  3. No vehicle shall be allowed to enter inside the stadium without any vehicle pass.
  4. The pass holders/ticket holders shall park their vehicles in the earmarked parking places mentioned in point No.1.
  5. Any vehicles found illegally parked shall be towed away and the damaged caused if any during towing shall be borne by the person concern responsible for illegal parking alone with the penalty and towing charges.

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